Expert highlights cyberattacks and not tapping as crucial issue

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Cyberattacks and not tapping is a critical issue in the deliberation of the Bill on Cyber Security and Resilience, as the nation must be able to identify cyberattacks and ensure speedy recovery.
This statement was made by the University of Indonesia telematics law expert Edmon Makarim.

During a public discussion and symposium on the Cyber Security and Resilience Bill here on Monday, Makarim drew attention to the crucial fact that if Indonesia were to be hit by a cyberattack, how long would it take for the nation to identify it and recover from it.

“If the country is attacked, how fast would the recovery be? To what extent is the level of durability and resistance,” he added.

Cyber law must also encompass collaboration against cyberattacks and the capability to identify and recover from cyberattacks, he remarked.

Makarim also noted that Indonesia is direly in need of a cyber law.

“As I have observed, the national dynamism since the reform era until now, the Bill on Cyber Security and Resilience is not only an urgency but an emergency,” he stated.

The discussion and symposium was organized by the National Cyber and Encryption Agency (BSSN) to collect inputs for deliberation on the bill.

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