President Jokowi likely to visit Sibolga

Medan (ANTARA) – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) is likely to visit Sibolga, North Sumatra, following a bombing incident that killed the suicide bomber and her child, and caused a policeman to get injured on early Wednesday.

“Yes, if the time is possible, we will see it again,” said President Jokowi at the Tengku Rizal Noordin Field in Medan, North Sumatra, on Friday night.

The visit comes as part of the President’s planned working visit to Sibolga, which includes visiting the site of the bomb blast.

Previously, residents of Sibolga, North Sumatra, reported a possible bombing on Tuesday (03/12/2019) at Jalan KH Ahmad Dahlan, Gang Sekuntum, Pancuran Bambu Village, Sibolga Sambas Subdistrict, Siboga.

President Jokowi also ordered the police to crack down on bombers in Sibolga, North Sumatra (North Sumatra), as well as terrorist networks that played a role in past bombings.

President Widodo, speaking at the Ji-Expo Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, on Wednesday (03/13/2019), praised the performance of the Indonesian Anti-Terrorism Detachment 88 which succeeded in arresting suspected terrorists in Sibolga, the capital city of Central Tapanuli District.

Jokowi requested that the police take firm actions against the remaining terrorist network. “I have conveyed that decisive action must continue without stopping, and we hope that soon everything can be revealed,” he said.

The President also asked the police to arrest members of all terrorist groups who remain free.

According to Jokowi, if members of the groups are not immediately arrested, they will endanger the security of the community.

“We hope that this will be further developed in the future so that the remaining cells that have not yet been found can be discovered, because it can be dangerous for this country and our country’s security if there are terrorists who still have bombs,” he said.

“In the future, this will be further developed so that the remaining cells can be found,” Jokowi said.



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